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Concerns with Git Gateway access being asked for

Hello. I’m new to Netlify. I’ve got a site deployed and it needs to access Git for our users to administer it. When I set up an Identity and attempt to hit the site, I’m getting this error:

Your Git Gateway backend is not returning valid settings. Please make sure it is enabled.

So, I believe I need to enable Git Gateway. However, I’m concerned of the level of access this needs. I have lots of code repos in my organization Git account. This Netlify site is just a specific repo in there. However, the screen I’m presented with when trying to activate Git Gateway seems to ask for all repos, public and private, for the entire organization account:

Has anyone else set this up? I’m I concerned here for no reason? Just only want to authorize this against a specific repo in that organization.


Hey! As far as I’m aware, we only make use of the repo in question.

If you authorise, are you able to “lock down” said permissions from within GH afterward?