Failed to login when use netlify identity on netlifycms

Access control and Github private key were all generated successfully,but when try to login with github on netlify cms identity,it showed"Your GitHub user account does not have access to this repo." Is that because the repo is forked,or i installed the Github oauth app wrongly?

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Hi there,

Hard to tell what is happening without more details. Could you link us to your site’s identity page so our staff can try to take a look and understand the failure mode? Since we most likely won’t be able to see your github settings - was the repo forked from a private org repo that has some restrictions on use, by chance?

Long wait for your response,and plain details are as follows.
Referred URL:
and the repo was not forked from a private individual or orgnazation.
Referred github URL:
And i thought that if it was caused by didnt add the netlify identity js addon in the site codes that i saw somewhere in Netlify docs?
Backend rules were added in config.yml of master branch.
Kashima Nai

Hi again and thanks for those details!

A colleague and I were able to reproduce your issues, but are not sure why they happen exactly. I haven’t seen that error before, and it is not in the source code for git-gateway where I’d expect to find it:

At this point we’re out of the territory that our Support team can debug easily, so you might ask the CMS maintainers, in their slack, if they have any insights:

PS: you are in fact missing the netlify identity widget in your main landing page which makes invites not work well. You should include it there so that people can click the invitation link and have it work, but until you do, you can just add admin/ in the URL before the #invite_token=... part of the URL so that isn’t the problem.

it seems that there is gong to be a long time before i get the netlifycms supporter’s help.
After insert

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

by snippet injection,it took a right effect when recover new password in home page.
But the admin log in could still use “Login with GitHub”,and occurred the same problem.
If generate a new site from,everything is Okay,including OAuth verify,but it could use “Login with Netlify”(by cilcking the account registion email url).

What should i do next?The issues and readme file to git-gateway repo didnt mention that.
Thanks help out of kindness.
Kashima Nai

The problem was solved.
plainly condition is that,the origin repo’s backend file named config.yml writted the first master,
so i was forbade to log in.

Just now i noticed that and changed the master name,it works well.
Now it is easier to edit posts and publish them.
Kashima Nai

Like this

Thanks for sharing the solution you found, @KashimaNai. We greatly appreciate the follow-up! Very helpful. :slight_smile: