Netlify Identiy 404 erros preventing CMS login

My netlify site name is and the CMS is located at

None of our CMS account holders are able to log in due to 404 errors generated during the Netlify identity log in process. We reported the issue more than 2 weeks ago via an email to support, but none of the Netlify respondents have even indicated that anyone is working on a solution.

We really need to be able to use our website. What is the proper procedure to get a developer from Netlify to fix a problem? We do not need hand-holding while using the platform , we need someone to fix what’s broken.

We have also asked several times if Netlify Identity settings might have been tied to a particular user account, because we removed access for several people just before the problem began. We have also not gotten an answer to this question.

(If anyone on the forum has had experience with the CMS login not working after deleting several “site members” (not CMS users!) please share what can be done to log in to the CMS after that. Thank you!)

This is being discussed in the helpdesk and as we mentioned, this error seems to be coming from GitHub.

For those who also experience this error, there is a public issue on GitHub that is very helpful:

They have confirmed that “The 404 is a Netlify platform issue” and the solution is to generate a new GitHub API access token.

I was thrilled to learn that the problem took less than 5 minutes to solve, after not being able to log in for weeks while working with the helpdesk.

hI @jenlampton Thanks for surfacing this and sharing this with the community.