Where is Netlify hosted?

I’m having trouble finding technical details about the Edge service. The Edge service page shows the logos of AWS, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean while the sales page refers to “6 cloud providers”. Where exactly are Netlify sites hosted? What is the network infrastructure generally like?

I’m going to take a wild guess that those points of presence are San Francisco, New York, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and Japan.

Hi there,

this is a slightly older post, but does have a list of pops that was accurate as of last year.

to the best of my knowledge (I am NOT a member of the infra team…please do NOT take this as a Source of Truth) no nodes have been removed, so, if anything, there are more now than there were previously, not less.

Hope this helps!

My answer was based on the cities listed in the results for testmysite.io.

Is this information still accurate?

Did you see this?