Where do I put the TXT file for domain ownership from Google for indexing my site?

Hello! I am trying to index my site with Google, as I have seen many forum posts about. Unfortunately I am not understanding how to apply the answers I have found.

Google provided me with a TXT record so that I could verify ownership of my domain. I have no idea where to actually put this TXT record on Netlify. I need very specific instructions. Can someone help me?

If you are using a subdomain of netlify.app (e.g. awesome-site.netlify.app) then it is not possible to add a TXT record.

To use the TXT method you would need to have a registered domain.

To verify a netlify.app subdomain, you can use either the HTML tag or file upload methods only.

Is the domain in Netlify DNS or the DNS of another registrar?

Yes it is. So you go to the Domains section of the Netlify UI (the same place you added the domain) and add the TXT record there https://app.netlify.com/teams/YOUR_TEAM/dns