Copy the TXT record below into the DNS configuration for "" to verify ownership

Google gave me TXT record to copy into my DNS configuration to prove ownership for Google Console. I have no idea where to find DNS config or what to do with this TXT if I found it. Any mini-tutorial would be fantastic, a point in the right direction would work.

Thank You

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The usual place people put TXT records into place, assuming you use our DNS, is in the DNS Zone settings. Best way to find those (they are team specific) is to start on your team page, which you can get to as shown in this screenshot:

Clicking on the team name from any page will take you to a page with the header shown in that screenshot, then you can choose “Domains” just below where the arrow is pointing), and then select the domain you are working on, and then put in the TXT record using the wizard for new record there. Note that we automatically append your domain name to that record, which may mean you don’t need a “name” - just leave empty or put “@” if the record is as described here:

Is it possible to add DNS - TXT records to default (non custom) sub domains provided by Netlify?

No. Could you enlighten me as to your use case there so I can see if I can help you achieve your goals in some other way?

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Sure @fool, but first thankyou so much for kind reply and willingness to help :slight_smile:

I have several prototype websites hosted on Netlify (free domain) and would like to use Google search console to measure its SEO performance and reception. To be able to do so, a google provided DNS TXT record needs to be added at domain provider side, which doesn’t seems to possible for deployments without custom domain from the user UI.
I am able to do so on production ready websites with custom domains, its only that I wish to find out if its possible to do so with prototype website as well. Because that would be totally super cool and awesome :partying_face:

Have a great day

Ah, sorry, that does make sense, but unfortunately you’ll need a custom domain to do that on our service. We cannot give out control to our domains to customers - you need your own to sign up for services like that one :slight_smile:

I’m surprised you can’t get around this using Google Webmaster Tools, which offers four different methods for verifying site ownership.

Also, Google CSE seems not to care about ownership – you just add the site to the list of sites to search.

However, given the amount of time and the number of factors that go into getting a good grade on Google, I would think that using Google Search would be extraordinarily ponderous and time-consuming to use for this purpose. There are any number of SEO helpmates available. It seems that a better approach would be to get a custom domain name and put up a site, then fine-tune it to improve the SEO as you go along. In the same time that it will take you to get Google Search to recognize your site and return any kind of useful information about SEO, etc., I’ll bet you could have a fully-functioning site and at least three iterations of SEO improvements.

My two cents.

I purchased my domain name through Netlify, but I can’t work out where I can paste the a google provided DNS TXT record that needs to be added at domain provider side.

If anyone can paste a link it would be much appreciated. I tried searching the documentation, but I’m a little out of my depth here.

@jerry_questions Welcome to the Netlify community. You do not own and/or control the domain, so you cannot verify that you own it.

To be able to verify ownership through Netlify, you first would have to purchase your own custom domain name (e.g., and then assign the DNS duties to Netlify DNS. Then tell Netlify that you own that custom domain. Once you’ve done that, then you can go into the Netlify DNS dashboard and add this as a TXT record.

If you purchase a custom domain and decide to keep the DNS with your registrar, then you would add this TXT record via the DNS dashboard at your registrar.

Perhaps a more direct answer to your question is:

  • start on your team’s page. You can get there by clicking the team name in our admin UI:


  • click “Domains” in the navbar at the top of your team page:


…then click into the domain in question, and on THAT page you can add a new record such as the MX you mentioned!