Could I configure TXT records in the Netlify interface, if the sites use a Netlify free domain(not from a third party provider)? :)


Thank you always so much for the kind service and support.
I have one question regarding adding TXT records into the DNS configuration, to verify domain ownership via DNS record in the Google Search Console. I am a very beginner in this field. I searched in many ways, I was not able to figure out by myself. If it’s a too-easy question, I am sorry about that.

Our several websites use Netlify free custom domains(The domain s were not registered through a third party). When I need to read the Netlify documentation and other posts, it seems to find the DNS configuration or DNS Zone to insert the TXT records, but I wasn’t able to find in the Netlify interface. Is there a way to configure the TXT records to verify? Or it’s not meant to be?

The goal is adding a sitemap.xml into each site in the Google Search Console.

Thank you so much for reading my question.
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Hello @flyjwayur, Netlify doesn’t provide free custom domains. We do provide a subdomain for your site if you are not using a custom domain. If you are referring to these subdomains, then you won’t be able to create TXT records for these since these are not a custom domain that you own.

Let me know if I misunderstood what you were referring to.