What`s happen "Netlify's robots are busy deploying your site to our CDN."

I want to deploy using a personal access token, but when I deploy, it says “Netlify’s robots are busy deploying your site to our CDN.”
Using “Drag and drop your site output folder here Or, browse to upload” will reflect the deployment as usual.

So-called manual deploy, but after trying this, the deploy using personal access token will succeed.
If you want to manual deploy the HTML generated in the trial, it may be the same for the appropriate HTML file in manual deploy, or if you do a deploy with personal access token after the appropriate HTML file is successful. There were times when and when it remained uploading.

Also, manual deployment → Deploying using a personal access token, then deploying using a personal access token often does not fail for several days.

There is no build log as it is a gui-based app, no record in error log.

Hi @shulinne can you provide your site name/slug?


I’m not sure if I follow your opening post. Mind trying to rephrase your question?

Sorry, I’m using a translation service, so it may be difficult to convey.
In a nutshell:
Sometimes uploading never ends. what is going on?

You’re using manual deploys, which can sometimes be unreliable:

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This certainly applies! thank you!