Webpage not available when open from facebook app on mobile

my site name: https://smhonlinebooking.netlify.app

when I try to open it from a post in Facebook mobile application it gives me an error page webpage not available and with a button to continue to the site. Also, when clicking the continue button it does nothing.

and when I lick more options and select “open in browser” it works only after I reload the page because it gives the site not reachable.

interesting! I don’t see any reason why that should be the case. What did facebook’s tech support say when you reported it? They’ll be better able to address how their platform works than we can.

What I tried to debug this was sharing it on slack to myself, and that seemed to work well so I don’t think that it entirely fails to render when shared (slack and facebook use the same rendering on our side).

Does the problem persist for you? Perhaps you fixed something about your site in the meantime?