URL cannot be shared on social platforms, like messenger

Netlify Site Name: https://652ba499d3b28800087fb520--skykidguide-beta.netlify.app/

Hi Netlify Team!

I have 3 concerns whenever Im sharing my website URL to Facebook-Messenger.

  1. How to display initial preview of the website when posting my URL on facebook post? (See Attached First Attached Image)

  2. I wanted to share my work on my wall but why does Facebook thinks its a Spam, what should I do and what is wrong with the link im sharing?

  3. I cannot send any pages from my website to facebook-messenger aside from the homepage link. I tried sending Team’s Page but its not allowing me? and just now, I cannot send already my homepage.


  1. See:
    Webmasters - Sharing - Documentation - Meta for Developers

  2. I’m not sure.

  3. See:
    [Support Guide] Direct links to my single page app (SPA) don't work

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Hi @nathanmartin ,

Thank you for your quick response! Appreciate this forum for your active response always!
I will look it up now. Thank you so much for this info.