I deployed simple facebook clone on netlify and facebook authentication blocked my app

netlify link - https://precious-profiterole-4afe41.netlify.app/
gitHub link - GitHub - Min121e/simple-fb-clone

So three days ago, I made a simple facebook clone app where users can sign in using their facebook account and create posts with text or pictures. Last night, I sent it to a friend in another country to test it out and the app log in authentication suddenly stopped working.

When I tried it again myself, I got the following error.
‘This URL Is Blocked The URL “my app URL” has been blocked from Facebook.’

Got the following error in Meta for developer app, ‘This domain has been identified as malicious and/or abusive.’

I sent a message to facebook help as well and like everyone said, it is very unlikely that I will get a response.

How do I fix this? Thank you.

This is entirely an issue you need to take up with Meta/Facebook.

This has nothing to do with Netlify. Quite likely Netlify would take this site down to avoid is potential legal action from Meta/Facebook due to copyright, intellectual property, or other infringements. See