Problem to open on mobile, [HTTP/2 304 Not Modified] on laptop works

I have a problem to open the site on mobile, on my laptop works.


Below screenshot of the problem:

(Left side mobile , right side laptop)
Sorry for the photo but :sweat_smile: An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.

I would be very happy if someone could help me,
Thank you

Hi @Enxhi , I tested this on laptop using dev tools to change UA to mobile and was able to see the site load correctly. Are you using a similar workflow to test, or are you seeing the issue directly on mobile?

Hi @audrey thanks for your quick response. Actually, I’m aware that the site is opened using dev tools, but when i opened the link directly on the mobile phone from Chrome browsers, on some android phones, for example Samsung A52s 5G, Xiaomi M10T pro etc. it gave me the problem that i shared in the previous image attached. I have tried in mobile and Desktop site format but the problem persist in both. I will be waiting for your suggestions, thanks again.

Hi @Enxhi :wave:t6: ,

Our support engineers tested this on their phone and it was broken. Can you test your site on your phone? There were JavaScript errors and you’ll likely need to fix that first.

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Hi @SamO sorry about that, i just fixed the JavaScript error that you were referring. But it didn’t solve the problem that i reported on the image before.
I tried to run it on different phones and the result was the same.
Thank you for the support, i will be waiting for your response.
Best regards

Hi @Enxhi,

Unfortunately this is not a Netlify issue that we can advise on/fix. It’s best to discuss this on a programming forum or discuss it with Three.js devs/support team.