My website doesn't display correctly on some mobile device

site name:

I have developed website to netlify and I have got feedback from some teacher about thier student’s mobile displaying my website like this. (Most of them is Android)

About my website I have deployed my website on Netlify and frameworks for client-side

  • Nextjs: ^12.2.5
    I have no idea why this happen, it works well on every mobile that I actully see by myself. But those feedback I never seen by myself just only picture from teacher who send that to me.
    I wonder whether is this my mistake or bug in my website or it just user’s mobile fault
    Here are some list of the android phone that got these problem

  • HUAWEI Y7 Pro 2019

  • Vivo y12s

@permlap You can perform some cross-browser testing using a service like BrowserStack:

Ultimately it looks like their browser hasn’t loaded at least some of the JavaScript/CSS.