Webhook does not deploy the latest commit

The webhook I use to deploy changes on my website seems to work but does not publish the latest commit. The webhook always uses master@HEAD but when I do a manual push it uses the latest commit. The new changes don’t show up on my blog. webhook-deploy

Hi Mupati,

HEAD is the latest commit in your repo. The hook will pull whatever that is, but since the build wasn’t triggered by a commit, but by the hook, we show master@HEAD

If you think we’re serving wrong content, start by checking what we built to see if we built the right thing or not. You can download a copy of any successful build from its logs page from the icon shown here:

I checked. It not serving the updated content from the headless CMS I’m using (Storyblok).

great, then you can tell us a URL that has the wrong content compared to the file you downloaded. What’s that URL?

(once again - if the BUILD doesn’t have the file, then you need to be fixing the build, rather than us investigating why we are serving the wrong thing :))