Build by webhook only

Site: serene-feynman-d5863c

prior to 21/6/23 this site was building via webhook, every 30 mins if a new commit was available.
I notice it is now building on every commit.

Can this be changed please. Is there a UI option for this (or was there previously)?

Hi welcome back to the forums!

You can change the publish branch in your build and deploy settings to something that you would never use, like “this-will-never-deploy”.

Hiya - i still want the branch to publish new builds, as it did before - just via webhook only.
The branch (master) previously never built or published via commit, and only via webhook. (up until a week ago).

Can I select a branch to be built and published via webhook with your method?

for example, this thread appears to describe my situation Trigger a build & deploy with webhooks only - #2 by luke

bump please. Our build minutes our inching closer to our plan limit and we do not intend to reach them.
Please disable “Automatic builds for commits” for “serene-feynman-d5863c”

for reference, our usage is below. note the significant increase in minutes (and hence having the previous configuration implemented.

Current Usage
172out of/300

Minutes used last period

This should be done. Please check.

Thank you

Looks to be behaving as it was before.
Can i ask - is there a UI option to set this or some configuration i can make on github end or is this a support only request?
Im actually not sure what triggered this - perhaps i re-enabled the netlify app in github which reset this option?

:wave: @wing5wong ,

The skip automatic builds setting is not a setting customers can set for themselves.

Re-enabling the app in Github could have reset your previous settings.

Glad to hear all is right again! :slight_smile: