We don't have organization-owned private site but we got email of builds stop

We received email below.

We’re writing to remind you that one or more of your sites is connected to an organization-owned private GitHub repository. During the week following September 30th,

We don’t have organization-owned private site because all of our site’s repository was changed to stay starter plan.
Will builds stop for our repository?

P.S. We are planning to upgrade plan but not this year.

Could you specify your account slug / site subdomain?

Thanks for reply.
Here is our sites infomation.

Account: m2

Hey there, @m2inc :wave:

Looking at the UI, it appears as though lively-licorice-f8435d is connected to a private, organization owned repository. I don’t see this on your list in your response above. Please double check that this repo has the settings you need.

We will stay tuned for your response!