We could not provision a Let’s Encrypt certificate for your custom domain (app.ploki.fun)

Been almost 96 hours but my custom domain (app.ploki.fun) doesn’t have SSL setup. I transfered it from GoDaddy to Netlify DNS

Netlify: https://joyful-valkyrie-55415f.netlify.app

When I click verify DNS configuration it tells me it’s successful, but when I click provision certificate it keeps throwing the same error.

what is the domain in question?

the custom domain im trying to link is app.ploki.fun

Your apex domain doesn’t resolve: ploki.fun. You’d need to make sure that domain is able to resolve before you can add subdomains.

I’d advise adding ploki.fun to Netlify DNS as well and then setting the app subdomain in the site settings.

i added it and it now seems to work. do i still need to have ploki.fun redirect to my netlify website? i planned on having it redirect to a landing page on a different platform.

Feel free to move your domain to a different platform. As I mentioned, the domain should resolve “somewhere” - it doesn’t matter where. I thought you were not planning to host it anywhere else, so I suggested to use Netlify DNS.

thanks for letting me know!