Waiting for dns

I followed the standard step-by-step, and even though I’m pointing to netlify’s nameservers, I can’t add my domain to netlify. I had changed hosts and had not deleted the dns of the other account, just deleted the account. I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried to get in touch with NS1, but I can’t even create an account. Can you help me with some suggestions?

Have you read through the support guide related to this error?

yes, even after the step by step i did not get the dns signal

I didn’t understand, it didn’t solve the problem, try to delete all the dns zones from my domain (curriculoljj.online) so I can start over from scratch and see if it will work, because I’ve tried everything

As mentioned, you need to contact NS1 to get rid of that DNS Zone. This is not a Netlify issue and cannot be fixed from our end.