Vague "Something Went Wrong" With Collaborative Deploy Preview Drawer

Was looking to test out the Collaborative Build Previews but when I enabled them I just get a very vague “Something went wrong” notification in the drawer.

I’m not seeing anything glaringly obvious with errors in the console or failed fetch calls to “api.netlify” like I’ve seen some other posts comment on.

Hi @sjstark,

The link you shared appears to be working fine. Are you still having issues?

I am still just getting a vague “something went wrong” when the drawer loads up.

Weird, because I’m getting this:

Do you see anything in your console?

Very odd, I just checked on safari and it’ll load up there. I’m getting the error on Chrome, here’s the console logs I’m seeing (some of which I know are from our site)

I just checked, and this error only occurs once I’m logged in with a Netlify account associated with the site. If I’m logged out I see the same view you posted. If I log in with an account that’s not associated with the site then I get the prompt to request access.


could you try again with an incognito window and see if the problem persists? i think its a good idea to rule out any extensions causing this problem.

I tried logging in with igcognito and the problem persisted. As mentioned, it only seems to be happening once I log in to the account associated with the site, so this may be fairly hard to troubleshoot without giving away credentials…

Hey there, @sjstark :wave:

Thanks for following up and letting us know. If you create a replication site, does the error persist? Or is this unique to one project of yours? This will help us understand the nature of the error further.