Using Netlify in Iran - custom domain only works with vpn

Hi, my friends, unfortunately, I’m from Iran :cry: . my Netlify domain works properly but I know when I want to use my custom domain it doesn’t work with my country IP,do you have any suggestion how can I fix this problem?

Sorry to say, Google blocks traffic from Iran due to the US trade embargo, and they host several pieces of our infrastructure including some CDN nodes.

They have been unwilling to change things (at least since we asked about it ~2 years ago), and I don’t foresee the situation changing.

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It is unfair,I’m only student and I worked for my website more than two months and I cant use this it possible redirect website custom domain to netlify name when use Iran IP?because netlify domain works fine.

As I said, unfortunately, I don’t see the situation changing. Wish I had a better answer for you, but I think you’ll be better served by a different provider for using netlify from Iran.

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