Not accessible from Iran

I am not able to access my website from Iran. Is it because you blocked Iran’s IP or is there any configuration that I missed?

hi sima, thanks for trying out Netlify.

We (Netlify) does not have any kind of IP block in place - but the fact that some of our network providers respects the US embargo to Iran means that there may be some access issues.

Are you able to access the site via a vpn? Not an ideal solution, I know, but we want to make sure the issues you are seeing are location related.

Thank you Perry for your response.
Yes I can use VPN to access Netlify and my website but I can’t force my client to use vpn as well.
the thing is I really like using Netlify, I hope I can find a way to use it.

I totally understand! I wish there were something we could do about this, but unfortunately it is not under our control - parts of the network we use that belong to other companies are the ones that are going along with the embargo, and we are unable to work around this issue at this time.

I wish i had better news for you :confused:

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