Using Netlify Image CDN is causing 404 on refresh

Hi, I’m facing a problem after using Netlify Image CDN. the cdn is working correctly, but when I refresed the page it gave me 404.

To solve this problem I added a redirection rule to my netlify.toml file which is visible in the build summary. The entire file looks like this:

  from = "/*"
  to = "/"
  status = 200
  remote_images = ["*"]

The problem now is that when I refresh the page all I can see is a black screen and the errors in the console (see the screenshot)

The error messages I receive are:
DOMException: Failed to execute 'appendChild' on 'Node': This node type does not support this method.


TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '$scopedSlots')

the website address is

any thoughts?


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How’s the error in the screenshot related to Image CDN or Netlify for that matter? It’s a client-side error, most definitely caused by something in your or Nuxt’s or one of your dependencies’ code.

As for the 404, where can we reproduce this?