Netlify Image CDN 404 Issue

Hi, I have a strange problem with the Netlify Image CDN.

I have an image uploaded in my Nuxt 3 application, in the public folder and you can access to it from this url:

If I try to access to the image from the CDN url, it works randomly, sometimes the image works, others it returns 404 error.

Why does it happen? Maybe because the service is still in beta?



While I could not reproduce the issue myself, I could confirm your issue from our logs. I can see we sometimes served a 404 for that URL, however there’s no explanation why we did that. I have filed this for the devs to investigate and we would let you know once we have more info.

Ok @hrishikesh thanks for your help.

Maybe there is a problem with the cache system? Because if you try to access to the resource after some hours it works, then you try to access from another browser and you get 404.

Hi @hrishikesh,

did you find a solution for my problem?

Thank you so much

The bug has been identified and fix is coming soon…

This should now be fixed.

Hi @hrishikesh,

yes it’s working now! Thank you so much!

The issue was related to our application or it was a general bug of Netlify? Just curious.

Kind of both. We had a bug the way we were handling redirects that caused us to prefer redirects over Netlify Image CDN paths + the fact that Nuxt automatically generates a redirect for your site. Had any one of these issues been absent, this would not have happened.