Netlify CDN Image 404 - Nuxt

We have a problem with the Netlify Image CDN. We have made no changes, yet images are no longer rendering on the site as they once were. We cannot recreate this issue locally.

We are using Nuxt to generate the artifacts, and on generate, we are pulling images from a 3rd party CMS and dropping them in the dist folder.

We can see the correct images in the output folder, yet we’re getting 404s in production. This is happening for all images in there.

Example with a 404:

We see the that image in the expected output location.

If we remove one of the forward slashes, it works as expected.
Example without 404:

Has something changed on Netlify’s end that this URL is not correctly finding the output location?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t see your site using Netlify Image CDN. Are you sure you’re configured as per: Netlify - Nuxt Image Providers? Could you share a link to the deploy where things were working fine?

Also, we had changed something yesterday that had caused some issue with slashes in Image CDN, but it’s already fixed. So you should not be running into it anymore.

I added the required config and still is not working. See deploy preview here:

We’re not sure when this stopped working, but sometime in the last few months

Prior deploys also are not working, when they certainly did in the past. For example: is quite old, different layout, and we have the same slash issue. I’ve verified the build output structure is the same across these builds as well.

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Turns out this is an issue with and nothing Netlify specific. If anyone finds this thread, we temporarily switched to using img tags and will evaluate a different solution at a later date. Thanks for the help!

Images are still not working.

Working image


Broken image. The only difference is the slash after the domain name which you would expect to be the working image


This was working before, but now it’s not without any change to the codebase so I’m assuming it’s related the the change that was mentioned.

Also, if it helps. I’ve tested it and it’s working on Vercel.

Looks like the automatically redirect:
to → (

Still the https:/ is the only difference there too

Looks like this issue is also being discussed here: