Nuxt-img - Image urls problem


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Hi guys.

Im using component just like you describe it on Nuxt Image is here! And it's a game changer


my image files are placed in /public directory but it doesn’t work :src property is generated like: /_ipx/_/images/dual-laser.png but right address should be /images/dual-laser.png

The question is how to implement it right?

As workaround I did a change in component and add ../../ to image path but well… this is not nice workaround :slight_smile:


Hi @michal-stachura,

Could you provide a minimal reproduction as a repo please?

Hi @hrishikesh and sorry for delay :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve reproduced issue with minimal app here:
The repository for this app you can find here: GitHub - michal-stachura/examples-images-issue

Hey @michal-stachura,

Did you try using nuxt generate? Nuxt Image won’t work for server-side rendering on Netlify: Netlify | Nuxt Image

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It is working with right provider configuration like:

image: {
    provider: 'netlify',
    netlify: {
      baseURl: process.env.IMAGES_URL

Thanks for sharing this with the community @michal-stachura

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Hey guys,
I am facing the same issue. Unfortunately this solution won’t work anymore, because Netlify’s large media service is deprecated now. Does anyone have an idea, how to fix it?
Thx your help!

Netlify now has Image CDN that should be used instead of Large Media: Netlify Image CDN | Netlify Docs