Nuxt-img - Image urls problem


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Hi guys.

Im using component just like you describe it on Nuxt Image is here! And it's a game changer


my image files are placed in /public directory but it doesn’t work :src property is generated like: /_ipx/_/images/dual-laser.png but right address should be /images/dual-laser.png

The question is how to implement it right?

As workaround I did a change in component and add ../../ to image path but well… this is not nice workaround :slight_smile:


Hi @michal-stachura,

Could you provide a minimal reproduction as a repo please?

Hi @hrishikesh and sorry for delay :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve reproduced issue with minimal app here:
The repository for this app you can find here: GitHub - michal-stachura/examples-images-issue

Hey @michal-stachura,

Did you try using nuxt generate? Nuxt Image won’t work for server-side rendering on Netlify: Netlify | Nuxt Image

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It is working with right provider configuration like:

image: {
    provider: 'netlify',
    netlify: {
      baseURl: process.env.IMAGES_URL

Thanks for sharing this with the community @michal-stachura

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