Using netlify for a n NFT minting dapp

Has anyone successfully deployed a minting dapp using Netlify and used it to mint a large collection? I am wondering how well the free version would hold up to a heavy load of concurrent users ā€“ or if the enterprise version would be highly suggested for that.

Hi @formedinafoam

Yes, numerous people have deployed NFT apps (search nft-minting-app to find out some issues you might encounter.) No doubt many others are deployed than what it known about in the forums.

As for free vs paid, as mentioned in this post

please do note that historically, anything NFT related on our platform has been advised that it may need to run on a tier higher than starter tier. Please do take that into consideration.

hi there @formedinafoam , thanks for your interest! Please do not deploy a minting dapp on the Netlify starter tier. All NFT minting dapps or similar are required to run on our higher-powered network so they do not affect site accessibility for regular customers.

Can we get in touch with you to discuss? Is f***********m@g****.com a good email for us to reach you? thanks.


OK thanks for the clarification. Yes that email is OK.

thank you for the reply!

I wonder how efficient this Netlify is. Netlify, really a great place to build perfect web applications.

hey steve,

iā€™m trying to interpret your comment, but i am not sure what your question is. If you can clarify, that would be helpful to getting you some answers.