Upgraded plan, how soon features enabled

I upgraded the payment method on my plan and selected to upgrade to Pro account. How long does it take to be in effect? Need to release features asap to the website.l

The better the post - the faster the answer.

Hi @supermanciero,

Might depend on what feature you’re referring to. Could you let us know the a site name on the account (for example sitename.netlify.app) and we can look into this. Also let know what feature. Thanks!

The site name under site details is - tubular-stroopwafel-3c52f5
We updated our payment method to pay outstanding bill and would like to upgrade to pro so that we can deploy private github repos owned by an organization

Noticed that i updated the wrong account :man_facepalming: all set now

Awesome! glad to hear you got it all set. :+1:t6: