Upgrade Your Next.js Sites with the New Next.js v5 Runtime

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of our latest Next.js Runtime, version 5, and now you can take advantage of its cutting-edge features.

Designed from the ground up to harness the power of the latest Next.js advancements, our new v5 Runtime ensures unparalleled support and reliability for crucial functionalities like the App Router and on-demand Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR).

Who can use it?

If you’re a Next.js user on Netlify with Next.js version 13.5 and later, with Node 18+ and the latest version of Netlify CLI, then you should be able to use the new runtime. We encourage you to consider opting in the new runtime to leverage the full potential of Next.js v5. Sites using previous versions of Next.js or Node.js are not impacted and will keep using the v4 Runtime.

Key features

These Next.js features provide important benefits for sites and apps, including those built and deployed with Netlify.

  • App Router. Netlify supports the Next.js App Router, which offers seamless client-side routing and simplifies navigation for your web applications. The router allows you to use React’s latest features, such as Server Components and Streaming.
  • Automatic fine-grained caching. Next.js Runtime v5 uses fine-grained caching on Netlify to support the Next.js Full Route Cache and Data Cache. This means static page responses are automatically cached at the edge and can be revalidated by path or tag.
  • On-demand and time-based revalidation. Both the App Router and Pages Router have on-demand and time-based revalidation, allowing you to revalidate and regenerate content at any time after a deploy.
  • Image optimization. The next/image component uses Netlify Image CDN by default to ensure your images are optimized and served in the most efficient format.

Rollout process

All eligible sites (using Next.js 13.5+ and Node.js 18+) will receive the rollout based on the following plan. Starter accounts will transition to the new runtime starting the first week of April, followed by Pro and Business accounts in the second week. The Enterprise customers will commence migration to the new runtime starting in mid-April.

All eligible customers who meet the prerequisites and aren’t part of the rollout yet will see the opt-in/our banner as usual. So you will still have the opportunity to try out the new runtime and help us answer any questions until the new version is rolled out to your account.

Our aim with the rollout is to override any opt-outs from the early access period. If you want to stick with the current version until you’re ready for the new one, you can explicitly pin your runtime version to v4, as described in the docs. It’s important to note that opting in or out during the early access period won’t affect the rollout. If you’ve opted out during early access and want to continue using the older version after the rollout, explicitly pin your version using the provided link.

We value your feedback and are dedicated to providing you with exceptional support throughout this transition. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to learn more or contact us directly.

Thank you for joining us on our journey to enhance the Next.js experience. We look forward to your participation in this exciting advancement!