Update netlify docs

After deploying my Nextjs application I found that Next.js Runtime v5 doesn’t work with Next.js pages router. After migrating to the app router revalidation seems to work. My suggestion is to add this information to Next.js 13.5+ on Netlify | Netlify Docs to make this more clear.

@wiktorkujawa If you scroll to the bottom of that page there’s also a documentation feedback form where you could lodge this:

It works with all sites using Next.js 13.5+. Before concluding it doesn’t work and calling the docs incorrect, you should try to troubleshoot the issue or contact Support.

I’m not saying that “It doesn’t work with all sites using Next.js 13.5+.”. Have you ever used Nextjs? What I’m saying is that it doesn’t work with pages approach. Runtime v4 was prepared to work with pages router approach and v5 seems to work only with app router approach. What is confusing is assumption that every one who uses Next 13.5+ is using app router approach is not right, however after some Next14 fixes, I also migrated to app router. What I think, there should be a clear information, that v5 working only with app router, or adjust v5 to work with both approaches.

That’s exactly what I meant to say is not true. When I said it works with all 13.5+ sites, I meant, irrespective of app dir or pages dir.

I never assumed or claimed that all sites use app dir. I think it’s you who is assuming Runtime v5 doesn’t work with pages dir.