Next.js v5 runtime issues with Page Router

We have upgraded our next.js page router project to the latest framework version 14.1, which automatically activated the new v5 next.js runtime. Now we are facing an issue of very slow page/data loads. System logs under the new Next.js Server Handler are full of timeout errors (see below). The older Next.js SSR Handler is still working fast on deployments with next.js versions prior to 13.5.
What might be the reason of this issue? Is the new runtime intended to work with the app router primarily?

Error logs screenshot:

This is probably a known issue (not with the Runtime but with Functions in general) that we’re seeing for some sites.

It’s currently being worked on.

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Seeing this as well. I’ve tested all the v5 RCs and the current 5.0.0 release, and while I’m glad to see Next.js support being worked on, the slowness is still a huge issue.

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Hey Hrishikesh,

Kindly, are there any updates on this matter? This issue is sort of blocking us from upgrading.

This should now be resolved. Could you check again please? Try updating to the latest version of the Next.js Runtime.

Hey @hrishikesh we are using the App router and after updating the nextjs version to 14.1.3 the v5 runtime activated automatically which slows down the routing. Do you have any clue?

We downgraded the runtime by using the “@netlify/plugin-nextjs”: “^4.41.3”. But, we want to upgrade that to v5.

Hi @frontend,

You’ll need to use version 5 if you’re using Next.js 13.5+. Version 4 of the Netlify/Next.js plugin is meant for Next.js 13.49 and below.

I see there’s a new version of the Netlify/Next.js runtime v5 (5.3.1), could you give that a try? If you continue to have issue, could you provide the sitename (such as