Update: connecting private, organization-owned GitHub repositories

@joelclermont I found two site repos in your team that our data thinks are private, but I can access the repos and see that they’re not. I wonder if they were changed recently?

I’ll send you a message with the repo names for reference. In the meantime, I’ll look into why they’re being categorized incorrectly.

@jpratt our product team is working on ways to support educational scenarios like yours. The feedback form is a great place to share your use case with them! If you leave your email address in the form, they can follow up with you.

I received the same message and all I can see are things linked to my private account.

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I switched my repository to public last month, however, I keep getting emails (and a message in my netlify account) that I have a site linked to a private organization-owned repo. I only have one site and one repo. Is there something I need to do to get netlify to realize that it is now a public repo?

Having the same issue as well. Thanks!

Having the same issue here as others. I have no private organisation-owned github repos… all my sites are connected to my personal github account… (I happen to also be connected to a Github Organization, but none of their repos are using Netlify… perhaps I’m missing something?

hiya @allos,

I can confirm that the account corresponding to this email address is within compliance to remain on our free plan; I can see there is no banner in our UI warning you that you are out of compliance, as well, when I view your site and account (if you see one - could you let me know the URL for the page you see it on?)

Could you check the email headers of that email to ensure it is not sent to some other email, which might be part of a different team somehow? If that isn’t the case, I can see your builds are going through and won’t be blocked so please let me know if you receive any further email on the topic, so I can look into it with our dev team.

Hey @mattjiggins ,

The repo that is still seemingly configured in this way is the one backing your postmdar18 site. I can see that it is private and it is in the git account with your name but is triggering the banner in the team. Seems like a bug and I am working with our developers to get that cleared up and will follow back up here once we’ve got things fixed.

hi again @mattjiggins ! I misread our database - the postmdar19 site is still linked to your organization’s ownership and is still private, so you’d still need to change things if you wanted to stay on Starter.

Hi @bobartlett, sorry for the delay!

I see you have two teams associated with your email account. Your personal team has only personal projects, but the one on which you’re a Collaborator, parbeac, has two sites with private, org-owned repos.

Ah! Great thanks! I’ve now deleted that site… It’d be great if the warning said what site(s) were causing the message to show…

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Gotcha. Is it safe to assume that this change will only apply to the parabeac project and the personal projects won’t be affected?

And out of curiosity, is there a better way to handle being a part of multiple teams in Netlify?

Following up on the issue of repo visibility or ownership changes that weren’t updating in Netlify: our backend updates repo properties whenever it receives a new Git deploy hook.

So, to send your new repo settings to Netlify, push a commit to the repo, triggering a deploy. If you like, you can cancel the deploy as soon as it starts, because the settings are picked up as soon as the deploy hook arrives.

I’ve updated the FAQ page and one of my earlier messages to include this step. Hope it helps!

Good point! I’ll look into seeing if we can add this.

@bobartlett That’s correct. Each team is a completely separate entity. You just happen to be a member of both. :slight_smile: You should also find this reflected in the Netlify UI: there will be a banner at the top when you have the parabeac team selected, and no banner when you’re in your personal team.

I guess it depends on what you’re solving for. What part of the experience do you want to improve?

Thanks, @fool I pushed a commit which triggered a deploy and after I did that the messages went away. Looks like @verythorough posted that as the current solution to those who switched from a private repo to public on an organization-owned GitHub account to get Netlify to recognize the change in those settings.