Unexpected "Site not found" when site was working before


I have a website on Netlify https://qu33n.netlify.com that’s been working fine for a while. Haven’t checked in a couple of months but, when I tried to reach it yesterday, I found a “Site not found” error.

The weird part is the dashboard tells me last deploy of the website was done Dec 7, 2022 at 7:11 PM, but I have several commits that had triggered a deploy during 2023 and they don’t show up (Not sure if it’s a Netlify thing). All of them successful and the website was working fine.

Netlify deploys

Seems like there’s two things here:

  • Dashboard only shows initial deploy and last deploy (The one I did yesterday, just iin case. Didn’t change anything, just run a deploy as-is), but not all the ones in the middle.
  • A website that had been working had, with no user interaction, stopped working.

The website is a pretty standard Hugo template, with an index.html which redirects to https://qu33n.netlify.com/portfolio/ .

  • Checked the deploy file browser and both the main index.html and the portfolio/index.html are there.
  • The website also works correctly on my local machine.

An announcement was made a couple of months ago about the deprecation of .com.app redirects

Your site will only work on qu33n.netlify.app. It appears you have qu33n.netlify.com hardcoded. You also have the custom domain qu33n.art redirecting to the qu33n.netlify.com. As you have a custom domain configured, the best solution is to use this instead of the assigned .netlify.app (formerly netlify.com) subdomain. That’s the point of custom domains.

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Thanks for your answer! I didn’t get an email regarding the domain names, so I was completely at loss on how to proceed so great shout.

A bit confused about:

the best solution is to use this instead of the assigned .netlify.app (formerly netlify.com) subdomain. That’s the point of custom domains.

My custom domain points to the netlify dns, once I changed the redirection inside the website itself, it worked automatically. Not sure what should I change domain wise that would be better tbh.

I’m not sure Netlify sent this information out via email.

If you don’t understand why you could, would, or should, use the custom domain you have set up e.g. qu33n.art/portfolio instead of qu33n.netlify.app/portfolio/ there is no chance I can make you understand nor will I was words trying to explain this idea.

If you wish to use the custom domain instead of qu33n.netlify.app change

    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=https://qu33n.netlify.app/portfolio/" />


    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=https://qu33n.art/portfolio/" />
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