My stopped working, now only works

Hi everyone! I’ve always been able to access my site by going to - I don’t remember if that redirected automatically to (not sure how it was working to be honest), but either way it’s worked for years. Just yesterday though, I noticed when I try going to, I get this 404 page, but still works fine! I haven’t updated anything of importance recently, my latest deploy was just a couple UI copy changes. So I’m not sure what triggered this breakage. My deploys are successful, I have no idea where the problem is stemming from and why it just started. Perhaps something changed on Netlify’s end and I was supposed to update something somewhere? Just trying to figure out what I can do to get to work again since that’s the link my users go to.

Thank you!

Hi, this is indeed a change that we made at Netlify recently. You can read more about it here: Deprecating automatic .com redirects

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Thank you @ramon.snir! I had a feeling I was missing some update - just read that post, so just to confirm there is no solution for me to get that redirect anymore so I don’t need to tell all my users to change the link they use? Or is there no way around it?

There is no way around it. The canonical URLs for the sites is on and only that is supported now.