.netlify.com ->.netlify.app

I have address longbarrow.netlify.app, but I used longbarrow.netlify.com. Now longbarrow.netlify.com is dead and my attempts to redirect traffic via netlify.toml or _redirects failed (solutions suggested by bot).
Is there any way round or shall I just let everybody know that there is new ending on domain?

Hi, @astratow. The netlify.com URL has been 301 redirect to the netlify.app URL for the last four years. After four years of the netlify.com URL being deprecated (which happened in April of 2020), we stopped those 301 directs. There is a post with more details here:

To summarize, the longbarrow.netlify.com address will never work again and you should use only the longbarrow.netlify.app address going forward.