Unable to verify identity and reinstate a Netlify account

Hi, I was signing up using GitHub but failed to verify my identity via the email that came to my Gmail account. My email is elingpramuatmaja@gmail.com if that helps. I’d love to provide any information to prove my identity. Thanks!

hi, I have issued a new verification link to the email above. If you don’t see this in your inbox please check your spam.

Thank you for reaching out, Sam, but unfortunately, I still failed to verify my identity. Perhaps it’s because I opened the link after 24 hours? Or is it because I use Firefox (due to Enhanced Security Protection or something similar) to open the verification link?

As far as I know, yes, the links are only good for something less than 24 hours. I’ve sent another one to you; hopefully you can click it faster this time.

All right, the second link solved my verification issue. I did open in before 24 hours. Thank you, Chris. Also, Happy New Year to all the support and mod team.

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