Unable to upgrade @netlify/plugin-gatsby

Whenever I build/deploy my site I get the following message:

❯ Outdated plugins
 - @netlify/plugin-gatsby@3.2.1: latest version is 3.5.1
Migration guide: https://ntl.fyi/gatsby-plugin-migration
To upgrade this plugin, please uninstall and re-install it from the Netlify plugins directory (https://app.netlify.com/plugins)

The migration guide tells me the plugin is installed automatically and doesn’t specify how to upgrade.
The second link (Netlify App) takes me to a UI with some plugins but without any gatsby ones. So how do I upgrade?

Try referring to:

GitHub - netlify/netlify-plugin-gatsby: A build plugin to integrate Gatsby seamlessly with Netlify (specifically, file-based method).

Thanks for your response.
When I do that I get the following error:

   To upgrade this plugin, please remove it from "netlify.toml" and install it from the Netlify plugins directory instead (https://app.netlify.com/plugins)

In that case, does going to site settings > build and deploy > setting Runtime to Gatsby solve this for you?

Thanks for your response.
the runtime is already set to Gatsby

What site is this about?


I’m having the same issue did you end up finding a solution? Thanks

Hi @nicodann. Unfortunately not

:wave: @ricojamjar , looks like the site has been renamed or deleted. Could you share the new site slug/name so that we may take a closer look? Thanks!

Apologies, this is the correct link

hi @ricojamjar and @nicodann

Try this to upgrade to the latest version:

  • remove any references to @netlify/plugin-gatsby from your package.json
  • On site settings > build and deploy > Continuous Deployment > Build Settings remove Gatsby:

… the on the same option, enable it again.

  • run a build without cache.

Does that help?

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