Deploy failed - Gatsby v2 and @netlify/plugin-gatsby@1.0.3 outdated

Hello, I have a website in Gatsby V2 using @netlify/plugin-gatsby@1.0.3 by default (which is the latest supported) and it was working until the last days when the deployment started to fail because the version is outdated.

I can’t upgrade @netlify/plugin-gatsby because it won’t work with Gatsby V2 and upgrade the project to V3 is not a quick fix.

I already tried adding an specific version of @netlify/plugin-gatsby to package.json and netlify.toml

Is there any way I can keep those versions working until the Gatsby upgrade is done?
I would really appreciate any help as deployments are not working and we need to keep updating content in the website.


7:41:37 PM: ❯ Installing plugins
7:41:37 PM:    - @netlify/plugin-gatsby@1.0.3
7:41:45 PM: ​
7:41:45 PM: ❯ Loading plugins
7:41:45 PM:    - @netlify/plugin-gatsby@1.0.3 from undefined
7:41:45 PM: ​
7:41:45 PM: ❯ Outdated plugins
7:41:45 PM:    - @netlify/plugin-gatsby@1.0.3: latest version is 3.5.1
7:41:45 PM:      Migration guide:
7:41:45 PM:      To upgrade this plugin, please remove it from "netlify.toml" and install it from the Netlify plugins directory instead (
7:41:46 PM: ​
7:41:46 PM:   1. @netlify/plugin-gatsby (onPreBuild event)                  
7:41:46 PM: ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
7:41:46 PM: ​
7:41:46 PM: No Gatsby cache found. Building fresh.
7:41:46 PM: 

Hi i’m not seeing a site on your account using gatsby only xenial. Can you please share your slug?

Hi Sam, the website is not on my account, I am just trying to solve the issue. The slug is pfr-website-staging and also happen in production but we are trying in staging first. Thanks

Could you try to set the Runtime from here: Netlify App to Gatsby and resetting it back?