Build fails because I cannot remove @netlify/plugin-gatsby

I’m trying to build a new version of my site that no longer uses Gatsby, but it is failing to build with the error:

Deploy failed due to an error in @netlify/plugin-gatsby plugin.

I do not see it enabled on my integrations nor can I search for it. It is not in my Netlify config file. It’s not installed via package.json. I’ve attempted to rebuild without the cache and it still fails.

I’ve also verified this is not due to the automatic framework detection. It correctly detects the new framework (eleventy), but it still installs “@netlify/plugin-lighthouse@4.0.3 from Netlify app”.

How can I remove this plugin?

Hey @simpixelated,

Could you try to remove the plugin from here:

Unfortunately no, this page only gives me the option to install, not remove the plugin.

But, I was able to find the right URL to remove it thanks to your suggestion!!