Netifly not working on deploys coming from Gatsby Cloud?

I was wondering if there is a good way to test if our plugins installed via Netlifys interface are working coming from Gatsby Cloud deployment?

Our deployment times to netflify haven’t gotten longer, and I’m not sure if they are working. Plugins that we are using are:

Gatsby Cache
Image Option
Sitemap Plugin

in my site its also not working.

You can check your build log to see if those plugins are being loaded on the netlify side of things.

Yeah, nothing happens from netlify when it gets a deployment from Gatsby cloud. I did a run connecting it directly to the gitlab repo, and it built it using netifly deployment plugins.

Thats really a bummer, but I guess we will just use a dev branch on cloud then use a prod branch for netifly builds, it sucks because i feel like if we hit an issue in builds it could cause issues having the two platforms doing the same things with different plugins.

Have you check with Gatsby cloud on this?

I evaluated Gatsby cloud when they first released it - and I loved the lighthouse feature, but the build issues I kept running into ultimately kept me from the platform.

I would continually get issues like builds stacking up from gatsby incremental builds - b/c GC would say Netlify failed to build - when nothing was wrong on Netlify.

What stops your team from doing a direct repo -> netilfy build?