Gatsby Plugin Error

In my build logs I get this message:

1:17:22 PM: ❯ Outdated plugins
1:17:22 PM:    - @netlify/plugin-gatsby@1.0.3: latest version is 2.1.4
1:17:22 PM:      Migration guide:
1:17:22 PM:      To upgrade this plugin, please uninstall and re-install it from the Netlify plugins directory (

I do not have the Gatsby Plugin installed though… However, when I try to install it I get this error message:

Error while installing the plugin

Please try again, but if the problem persists, feel free to contact us.

Any guidance getting this sorted would be appreciated. At this point the warning message is just an annoyance, but it would be nice to clear all the yellow warning messages from my build logs…

Hey @isaacTait,

Based on your description, it appears as if you don’t want/need the plugin. Did you try uninstalling it from here: Netlify App?

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Thank you @hrishikesh I had not tried the “Plugins” tab (the link you shared). That solved the upgrade issue I was running into when following the links from the build logs.

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Glad everything is working now. Happy building :rocket: