Unable to remove domain from site

“Another site is already using this domain” error trying to set custom domain “makaylafox.com” on site “angry-goldstine-919c6c”.

The site that has this domain has disappeared from my sites list. I was able to access the site that has this domain on Thursday, but it is no longer in my list of sites. I did not delete the site and I don’t have another Netlify account. How do I remove this domain from a site I don’t have access to anymore?

Hi, @makaylafox3, I’m seeing two different accounts for those two sites.

The site with subdomain angry-goldstine-919c6c is under an email address with a .edu top-level domain and the site using the custom domain makaylafox.com is under a Gmail address.

If you log in under the Gmail email address, you will be able to delete domain from the current site. There is also a DNS configuration for this domain in Netlify DNS. That will also need to be deleted to use the custom domain under the other account.

If you want us to move the current site and DNS zone configuration to your new account, please let us know and we’ll contact via email directly to complete that process. Note, we will only be able to contact you at the current site owner email address about this (which is the Gmail email address).

​Please let us know if there are any questions and/or if we should transfer the site and domain.