Unable to add DNS records to domain. 404 - zone not found

Hey Team,

My custom domain brianriwukaho.dev is unable to add domain records. For any record type that I try to add I receive the following error RECORD_TYPE: 404 - zone not found. Here’s an image of the error.

When googling the error I’ve not found much info and I’m not sure where to start debugging the issue.

The closest I’ve found is this person who had the exact same issue:

But the solution isn’t mentioned in the thread.

Similar to this person I accidentally missed a payment and had my account blocked for a small period of time. However that occurred months ago and these domain issues seemed to have popped up in the last week or two.

Any help appreciated,

Thank you

Hey @brianriwukaho,

We’ve re-created the zone for your domain. If you previously had any records, this might need to be re-created at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.