Txt dns records do not propagate


I have the domains birkelbach.eu and rbirkelbach.de. My netlify site is https://elastic-jones-6fd591.netlify.app

I use netlify dns. I set txt dns records so that I can verify my site with keybase.io but if I use dig, no txt answers are shown, so it cannot be verified. Could you please tell me what I might be doing wrong?

Thank you!

@birkelbayes Welcome to Netlify.

Where did you set the TXT records? You’re not using Netlify DNS, so you have to make these entries with hosteurope.de name servers, or change to Netlify DNS, which is what you seem to have wanted to do.

rbirkelbach.de. 21562 IN NS ns1.hans.hosteurope.de.
rbirkelbach.de. 21562 IN NS ns2.hans.hosteurope.de.
birkelbach.eu. 21599 IN NS ns1.hans.hosteurope.de.
birkelbach.eu. 21599 IN NS ns2.hans.hosteurope.de.