Transfering ownership of domain from one team to another, "unable to update zone" error

I’ve registered the domain on google domains. I’ve set custom name servers on for that domain:

Under my Team A, under domains, is listed as “registered externally.” I don’t remember exactly what I did to do this on the netlify side, but that’s how it’s listed.
I have many custom DNS records for subdomains pointing at various IP addresses that are working fine. The main domain itself is pointing at a netlify app on this team.
I want to transfer ownership of the domain to another team.
Probably because one of the records is pointing to a netlify app on TEAM A, I’m getting the error, “unable to update zone,” when I try to transfer ownership for that domain under “collaboration.”

How can I transfer ownership, and incidentally the netlify app for the main domain (, to another team I own?

Hi Caleb,

Are you an owner on both teams? If you are, you can transfer sites between the teams. If not we can do it for you. Here’s a quick article that describes the process: