“Transaction denied” when trying to upgrade from Starter to Pro plan

Hi, I just wanted to upgrade my account from starter plan to Pro plan for $19/month but when I click on Upgrade Plan button, there is an error and it shows “Transaction denied” message in red color on browser.
I have tried out multiple cards / multiple browsers and modes but nothing seems to work.

Team Name : invact

ERROR Details:

URL : https://api.netlify.com/api/v1/accounts/6205042ed450eb095cdc4543
Method : PUT

HTTP Return Code : 422
Response : errors [ “Transaction declined” ]

Hey there, @invactinfra :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out. I have opened a Helpdesk ticket for you regarding this so that we can talk about payment and card details directly. Stay tuned to your email for a response from our Support Engineers.

Please add mayank@invact.com as well to all email communications for this issue. Thanks!!

Hi there @invactinfra , i added that email as a CC onto your helpdesk request. lets hope it gets figured out soon!

Hey, I haven’t received any update yet.
Still waiting for a resolution on the issue.

Hey there @invactinfra :wave:

Closing the loop here. It looks like Laura responded yesterday in the help desk. We will respond to you additional question there shortly.

Thanks so much!

Hello Team,
I tried upgrading my starter to pro, but I got declined the entire time and the problem I am experiencing is same as @invactinfra problem as well please help me out.

Hi @LogxAgencyIT I’ll open a helpdesk ticket so we can resolve this privately.

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Thanks for replying to my inquiry and i will be more greatful if the issue is resolved.

@LogxAgencyIT - Did you receive our email from the helpdesk yesterday? If so, let’s continue the conversation in that email thread, instead of here. Thank you!

i received the email, but the issue I’m having is not yet resolved and that’s what I got as a response "Unfortunately, they don’t provide us with any additional info, so you may need to reach out to them to see what the issue is.

Please let us know what they say, and if there is anything we can do to help."

please find a solution for me…

Did you reach out to your bank then?