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I just started my blog and deployed it on Netlify, everything is working smoothly. As an Arabic speaker, I have a problem posting my articles in Arabic, because in Arabic we write from right to left, but the Netlify CMS allows writing from left to write only, so when I try to post an article it looks reversed, I would like if you can add in the body section of the post, a feature that allows adjusting the text direction, the feature is existing in Microsoft word, I’m gonna share it with you so the developers can address this issue.

Thank you.
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Welcome to Netlify Community!

Great idea!
For feature requests, switch the category tag from support to features.
I also recommend trying the Netlify CMS tag if you don’t get the help you need.

I’m sure the team won’t have a problem doing this in the future.

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I haven’t used Netlify CMS, but, I think what you want can be achieved by CSS. You can add text-align: right. Won’t that work?

From what I know about Netlify CMS, it’s just something to provide content to the blog, just like Markdown is in come cases (I might be highly wrong about it). So, if that’s true, you’d anyways have to make changes to your theme or code to align text to right.

Apologies if this text is irrelevant.

There’s an open feature request over at GitHub:

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