Netlify CMS markdown editor - wonkness

Hey all! So all my sites I have on netlify have this weird behavior now with the admin blog markdown editor. When I want to insert or edit text somewhere in the script/paragraph blog post the cursor aligns where I need it but when I start typing it jumps to the end of the paragraph. It’s quite annoying and because it’s a black box I cannot seem to fix it. is it just a CMS update or ?
www.jackalopeadventures. and are both sites I am working on

Suffering from exactly the same issue. Happens only on latest Chrome (Version 108.0.5359.71 (Official Build)) (arm64) (Safari / Firefox are good).
Considered downgrading to (from ^2.0.0) which seems to be the last version in which it doesn’t happen but it is missing a few features and doesn’t seem to be stable.

We are also using Grafana which also had a similar issue 2 months ago, also related to a Chrome version which was fixed

Could someone from Netlify CMS team take a look?



Happens on both markdown and rich text editors

Found a temporary fix, it’s related to slate editor
Put the following in the <head> of your static/admin/index.html:

        div[data-slate-editor] {
            -webkit-user-modify: read-write!important;

Hmm I tried this solution and it did not fix it. Going to have to dive deeper into this. Thanks!

I am facing the same issue did you resolve this?? please

Same here! Super annoying. Someone’s gotta have a fix out there right?

I’m on the latest Chrome.

[Edit: Can confirm that it works on Safari]

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