The "stop split testing" button is grayed out. I'm permanently stuck on my split testing branch!

Hey All,

I can’t disable split testing on my site because the “stop testing” button is grayed out. I slowly increased the traffic going to my testing branch until it reached 100%, but now it’s stuck there and I can’t get it back to the master branch. How do I unstick the “stop split testing” button so I can get my website back on my master branch? I tried a different browser and the button is still grayed out.

See the attached screenshot. Dragging the bar, clicking the button, or typing in the box does nothing.

Thank you!

Thanks to Chris from Netlify, I learned about a workaround until the UI is fixed - add another branch, save, then the Stop Test button will be available.

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Thanks SO MUCH for closing the loop here, Max! An effective superset of this advice is that “Netlify’s split testing UI requires two configured branches to behave as expected.”

I’m going to work with our design team to see if we can make that path forward more obvious in the UI as well.