Why is Split Testing considered a Deploy Preview

Hi, I’m running a split test on our website and noticed specifically on mobile devices that a Netlify drawer has been injected onto the bottom of the page with a div wrapping an iframe. The comments in the rendered HTML mention “This div is automatically inserted by Netlify for all Deploy Preview URLs”.

Given that my split test is running on my production site I’m hoping to avoid showing this drawer. I’ve solved this for now by hiding it with CSS but just curious in general if the deploy preview drawer is meant to be on all split tests or if there is another way to turn this off. Thanks!
Screenshot 2023-01-18 100539

HI @sbymason :wave:t6: , welcome to the support forums. Here is a link to our docs page that details split testing. Split Testing | Netlify Docs

This shouldn’t display on your live site. Are you saying this Netlify preview is shown on your live site or only in the deploy preview. Deploy preview is standard live site is not.

Hi, we had a similar problem.

It may be the result of this recent change. Netlify Drawers now visible on branch deploys.

Changing the “Collaboration tools” setting may fix the problem.

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Hi @mhama , thanks for providing a workaround. (:

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Thanks @mhama and @SamO! I didn’t realize there were drawers on branch deploys so turning that off solves the problem.

I’m curious to understand the use case where drawers on branch deploys would be desired when being used in split tests alongside the production branch. Personally I wouldn’t have expected the drawer to show up there because the branch deploy in that context is “acting” as a production instance of the website.

Similarly, having drawers on branch deploys turned off by default may also make sense for those with use cases where branches are being used in public-facing contexts other than split testing (e.g. for myself, I’m using a branch to point to a region-based subdomain)