How to add the Netlify Drawer to custom deploy preview build

My team is currently not using the Netlify GitHub app to build the deploy previews. We are using a GitHub Action to do so. It uses the Netlify JS client and publishes it as with the draft option as true.

I would like to know if it’s possible to add the Netlify Drawer to manually triggered builds like we are doing.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey there! Great question.

Only sites built via the GitHub app will have CDP enabled. However, I haven’t personally tested how CDPs perform on API-generated sites! If you browse to a deploy preview ( ) you’ll be able to see the drawer, if it was available for API-derived deploy previews.

Yes, I tested it and the drawer didn’t show up on my deploy preview. I’m using the same URL prefix of deploy-preview too. I guess the GitHub app is doing something extra to make it appear.

hi breno, do you have a deploy preview we can look at to confirm, please? I’ll check with the folks who are working on CDP for you.

Sure, there you go: